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Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 13:17:42 +0200
From: Robin Gareus <ro...@gareus.org>
Subject: [LAA] xjadeo 0.4.10 is out.
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I'm please to announce that xjadeo just got bumped up to version 0.4.10:

Xjadeo - X Jack Video Monitor

Xjadeo is a simple movie player that synchronizes video to
an external time source such as jack-transport or Midi timecode.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xjadeo/files/

Release Notes for xjadeo 0.4.10 (svn r215)

Recent Changes:
 - added drop-frame timecode detection by video-file framerate.
   Previous versions relied on MTC to report it and it was not
   available when synchronized to JACK or using OSC or manual sync.
   This change affects only the on-screen displayed timecode;
   internally xjadeo is computing/counting frames - not timecode.

 - re-implemented video start-time/start-offset parsing.

 - fixed some orthographic typos (man page, usage information)

 - updates to the build & packaging system.

 - various small fixes for OSX:
   OSD font & alignment
   default black-screen (no more YUV green)
   DMG with symlink to Applications & background-image
   multi-arch (PPC, i386) builds (no 64bit version)
   linked with JackMP (http://www.jackosx.com/)

 - contrib: updated time-stamp movie-maker &
   ran various [regression] tests.

 - return of the debian package
   (compiled for debian + debian-multimedia)

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