Eric Dantan Rzewnicki schrieb am Wednesday, den 26. May 2010:

Hi User :), 

> The debian-multimedia team has merged with the
> pkg-multimedia-maintainers alioth group and almost all traffic has moved
> to the alioth list. The wiki has information about the merger[0].
> Occasionally some people get confused by the lack of any notice on the
> lists pages about the change. Is it possible to change the info at[1]
> and add a [deprecated] note on[2]?
> We discussed shutting the old list down some months ago[3]. But, many
> packages in stable (and probably some in testing/unstable) have that
> list as Maintainer: still. So, we have to keep it for now.
Sure, lease be so kind and open a bug against the lists.d.o metapackage. I'll
change this if I'm out of the train. 


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