> Od: Felipe Sateler <fsate...@gmail.com>

> Jaromir, if you are migrating to 3.0 (quilt) you need to drop the
> --with quilt part of dh invocation, I think.

I tried with and without " --with quilt"  invocation both seems to works fine 
for me
source/format set to 3.0 and rules file without any extra unpatching script
(don't know if there is some for me hidden trouble e.g. NMU)

> Although, come to think of it, removing explicit quilt support is not
> necessary to switch to 3.0. Maybe we are overengineering here? Maybe
> dpkg-buildpackage will cope with unpatched trees when creating the
> source package? Not at home now, so I can't check. If correct, then
> the only thing necessary would be to add the debian/source/format
> file.

Thank you all for helping with script ... the question now seems to be ... Is 
really needed?
And if yes ... Can-should be supplied by debian/source/options file as Dmitrijs 

Dmitrijs, where I can find some your package using debian/source/options?
I would like to have a look and learn from it.



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