>> sorry, but this is simply wrong. Both the format name (3.0 (quilt)) and
>> the development history show that Raphael tries really really hard to
>> simulate the exact behavior of quilt, even if quilt is not installed in
>> the build environment.
> Trying "really really hard" is to me a sign of wanting to be consistent with
> current/past quilt, not a promise of future consistency.  I don't see how
> that is even possible (except, perhaps, if both are developed by same
> author(s)).
>  - Jonas

Hmmm there were only 2 revisions of quilt's .pc dir format as far as I
know and it doesn't look like they gonna change it again anytime soon.
And there is strong collaboration between dpkg & quilt maintainers in
Debian. Quilt source package depends on dpkg full compatibility with
quilt, because quilt patch series are used to patch upstream quilt for
a debian release.

Incompatible quilt will never be released in Debian without dpkg
supporting new .pc dir format.

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