Am 28.05.2010 14:46, schrieb Eric Dantan Rzewnicki:
I brought this package over to the team's git from the old svn so that
we can all work on it together. Please do what you think is right with
it if you have time and interest. (that goes for anyone else who cares,
too, of course.)

We need to figure out if the library's ABI has changed along with the API. If not, it is sufficient to modify the call to dh_makeshlibs in debian/rules to point to the current upstream version (I do not think it makes sense to introduce a symbols file for a library like this, which (1) noone in the team seems to know very much about and (2) that is released on such an irregular basis). If the ABI has changed as well, we can drop modifying the dh_makeshlibs call and need to force bump the library's SONAME instead. This will require a litle patching and an additional call to autoreconf. I feel, however, unable to justifiy ABI changes from merely looking at header files, though.

Which seemed to take care of it. But, I'm happy to be educated about
whether I should have done something different or additional.

It would be easier to switch to the new "3.0 (quilt)" source format which automatically overrides upstream's debian/ directory by the one provided by the packaging. However, AFAICT it is still not clear how to proceed with this new format within the team.

 - Fabian

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