Le Sat 29 May 10 à 02:41 -0300, Daniel Correa a écrit :
> Package: vlc
> When I open the "Quick Open File" window to open a file, I close it with the 
> X button (this not happend when i just press "Cancel"), and then I try to 
> open it again (the Quick Open File Window), vlc crashes and say something 
> about GTK. I paste the output here:
> (.:3165): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_propagate_event: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET 
> (widget)' failed
> ^Csignal 2 received, terminating vlc - do it again in case it gets stuck
> ^Cuser insisted too much, dying badly

What do you call "crash" ? Because here i see that you pressed several
times Ctrl+C to force-quit VLC.

Also could you provide verbose logs (-vvv)


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