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I'm pretty sure that patch is broken. _csnd.so is a binary, and as such I don't think you can really move it from one python version to another. Has anyone tested that patch? IIRC, Scott introduced it and at the time I asked him about that and he wasn't really convincing/convinced that it worked.

so csound doesn't support Python 2.6, is this the problem?

Given that squeeze is going to install python 2.6 by default, I'd say
yes. I guess python-2.5 is going to be around for squeeze, so I'm not
sure how severe the problem is. Maybe check with debian-release and/or
the python team?

I believe csound supports Python2.6 just fine.

What the (Debian) packaging does not support currently is multiple versions of Python - so when Debian switches to use Python2.6 by default csound needs a binNMU (like a whole bunch of other packages, I guess).

I agree that the Ubuntu patch seems broken.

Suggestions to build (not just copy!) for multiple Python versions is much appreciated. An elegant approach can hopefully benefit also other CDBS packages using the SCONS build system.


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