> Od: Reinhard Tartler <siret...@tauware.de>

> I've just tested this change, and made the following observations:
>  a) creating a source package with 'git-buildpackage -S' still leaves
>     the working copy dirty.
>  b) "cleaning" the working copy with 'debclean' works as expected, a
>     'git status' shows "nothing to commit (working directory clean)"
> Since debclean in a "Format 1.0" and "Format 3.0 (native)" branch have
> the same effect (although they are unnecessary there), I'd say the
> implementation of the compromise works out.
> thanks!

I tried solved this using 'debclean', but had dirty working copy all the time.
So I used source/option file 'no-preparation' , now makefile is unpatched after 
'git-buildpackage -S' running
But there is new file in debian/patches 'debian-changes-2.0.0-3' and series 
file is changed.
Is such aproach correct?
I pushed changes to repo



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