Am 01.06.2010 16:35, schrieb Moritz Bunkus:
That's correct. There was a short discussion about it on this mailing
list a couple of days ago:

OK, thanks for clarifying this.

So basically I'm asking you guys (both the Debian developers and
Christian Morales Vega who first brought the issue to our attention) if
you could provide such a solution. I'd be more than happy to integrate
it and release a new version afterwards. The version numbers could
simply be raised to 1.0.0 for both libs in order to make the API changes
more obvious as well.

AFAICT from a quick look at the sources it should be sufficient (for now) to simply bump the value of the LIBRARY_SO_VER variable in make/linux/Makefile each time you introduce incompatible API. But I am not an expert on this, either.

What's the time frame we're talking about here?

Yesterday. ;) But I believe a drop-in replacement for an already existing library would have been waved through after consultation with the release team. As this is impossible with the new release anyway, out time frame is rather relaxed now. ;)


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