Am 02.06.2010 10:28, schrieb Hans de Goede:
Yes, as can #493735 of course.

Not entirely, the "this" keyword is still used in mmsh.h and mmsx.h.

About the others, I've tried to reproduce them all with
Fedora-13 x86_64 (so a pretty brand spanking new gstreamer stack)
with libmms-0.6 installed, results below.

Wow, thank you very much for this quick analysis!

rhythmbox: Playing mms:// streams in Radio crashes Rhythmbox

The mms uri given in the bug works fine in both totem and rhythmbox.

Will close.

ruby-gnome2: segfaults opening mms:// with gst, after opening another
stream type

As indicated in the bug, this can be reproduced with python too, so I
tried to reproduce this with python using both a playbin and a
playbin2 element. In both cases things work fine (iow I cannot reproduce).

Will close.

totem: URL causing crash

I know this one is fixed, as there is a specific patch included in 0.6
addressing this issue. I also tested it and totem no longer crashes
(but the wrong url still does not play, which is not really surprising).

Will close.

Totem crash while playing norwegian broadcasting net tv

There are no valid uris inside the bug report, I tried playing various
mms streams from (where the uris present in the bug point to),
for example:
And they work fine.

Will close.

gstreamer0.10-tools: crash when playing mms stream

gst-launch-0.10 playbin uri=mms://
Works fine for me.

Will close.

libmms-dev: needless dependency on glib.h

Good one, I just fixed this with this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=144f65dbef2f273f4b235b618eb7aeb041949a8c

As for this breaking the libmms API, well those macros were never
intended to be part of the API and I doubt any libmms using apps
depend on them. If any apps do depend on them the apps should be
fixed. Note that this not change the ABI as there are macros not
exported functions.

Also the not being linked to glib of libmms has been fixed already.

I think I will pull in this commit and also close this bug.

I realize that for those who "work fine" with my setup there may still
be issues on Debian after upgrading to libmms-0.6, but these issues should
then be sought outside of libmms IMHO.

Thanks to clomo, Debian currently has a very recent gstreamer stack, too. I don't expect any further Debian-specific problems.

Thanks for your impressive work,

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