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On Wed, Jun 02, 2010 at 10:42:27AM -0400, Alexandre Quessy wrote:

As a new member of this team, I would like to find a sponsor for the scenic package.

There is sponsoring, and there is team maintainance. They are two different styles of working together.

With sponsoring you maintain your package alone, and then hand it over to someone with upload rights who "sign" your package (after inspecting its sanity and perhaps requesting you to improve some things or doing some improvements themselves).

With team maintainance you work on a package - maybe alone, maybe with others in the team, and when you/they feel the package is ready for release you shout here at the list for someone with upload rights to finalize and upload.

The difference is not only in concrete working style, but also in who takes responsibility towards the users in the wuality assurance of the package: A team or a single developer.

Since you mention that you are part of our team (sorry - I did not know, I am lousy at keeping track of such things), I guess what you really want is not "sponsoring" at all, but just some fellow team member to help finalize and upload :-)

I use cdbs, but I am ready to switch to debhelper 7 if we fix some issues I had with it. (we need to build it with --enable-mt)

What is your own preference here?

Do you want to continue using CDBS if that is acceptable, or do you not like CDBS and prefer yourself to get rid of it?

If the first, then I will be happy to work with you - I only use CDBS and is quite happy with it. If the latter then I will rather not spend time on this, but leave it to others in this team to work with you :-)

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