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Thanks for the precious informations. I rather work through a team and build long-term cooperation, rather than though sponsors. I can work with the Python-app team and the pkg-multimedia team.


2010/6/2 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:

I use cdbs, but I am ready to switch to debhelper 7 if we fix some issues I had with it. (we need to build it with --enable-mt)

What is your own preference here?

Do you want to continue using CDBS if that is acceptable, or do you not like CDBS and prefer yourself to get rid of it?

Well, I would rather stick with CDBS for now, since it works for this
package. I tried to switch to debhelper 7, but it didn't work at the
first try.


I am dead hungry (and in Italy this week, so looking forward to the food quality here in Torino!), but will try have a look at your packaging later tonight, and get back yo you.

If the first, then I will be happy to work with you - I only use CDBS and is quite happy with it.  If the latter then I will rather not spend time on this, but leave it to others in this team to work with you :-)

Wow! I am very impressed by the list of packages you are working on. I would be very happy to work with you for this package! My long-time will is to become a DD, mostly for multimedia.

He he - year, the list grows... :-)

I am very happy to hear that you are aiming long-term for becoming a developer. I will do my best to help you with that!

For this scenic package, I will release the 0.5.11 tag in a few hours today. (I'm in Montreal, so my time zone is -0400) My packaging is pretty much ready and our big app is very stable right now. I think there is not much work left to do.

You don't know me - I am pretty sure I will find some nitpicking to do :-P

You can find me on the #debian-multimedia IRC channel, if you want.

I try to avoid realtime chat, as it is so very fun and thus steal too much of my time :-/

 - Jonas

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