We have many package deals on sale this week, here is one:

Physicians (34 specialties) - 788k records, 17k emails, 200k fax numbers
Hospitals - 23,747 Hospital Administrators in over 7,145 Hospitals (full 
contact info no emails)
Dentists - 164k records, 45k emails, 77k fax numbers
Chiropractors - 108,421 total records * 3,414 emails * 6,553 fax numbers
Pharmaceutical Companies - Email only list 47,000 emails of pharma company 

All complete lists above: $395

There are more packages and not just for healthcare contact me here for more 
info or to get samples: kristie.barr...@listnirvana.net


email disapp...@listnirvana.net for delisting

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