On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 23:10 -0400, Nathan A. Stine wrote:
> Or so I thought.
> Diego Biurrun marked it as non-free upstream, but I'd think Debian Legal
> should take a look at the license to make their own determination.

Well, it's IMHO not non-free (as in not DFSG free) but it's definitely
GPLv2 incompatible because of the restriction in the patent license
(interesting here: if they didn't include a patent license nobody
would've complained although they had no official rights to use the
patents...). If your software is (L)GPLv2+ or v3 I guess everything is
fine, if it's LGPLv2 it's probably fine too.

But you're right, Debian Legal should probably look at it as well. I've
already asked the ftp-masters to give their statement about the license
and compatibility with other licenses but they didn't answer yet.

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