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>>>> The binary package is arch: any, but the configure.ac checks for
>>>> linux/videodev2.h which I suspect means that the package will only
>>>> succesfully compile on Linux architectures.  If correct, then the best 
>>>> would
>>>> probably be to fix it upstream to avoid Linux-specific parts when on
>>>> non-linux archs, or alternatively to tighten to package only on Linux 
>>>> archs.
>>> Well, for now, Scenic relies heavily on the GNU/Linux kernel. (For the
>>> dc1394 module and V4L2) Should we put something like uclinux-*?
>> I don't know what you mean by uclinux-*.
> `dpkg-architecture -L` lists me a whole lot of uclinux-something:
> uclinux-armel
> uclinux-i386
> uclinux-ia64
> uclinux-alpha
> uclinux-amd64
> uclinux-armeb
> uclinux-arm
> uclinux-avr32
> uclinux-hppa
> uclinux-m32r
> uclinux-m68k
> uclinux-mips
> uclinux-mipsel
> uclinux-powerpc
> uclinux-ppc64
> uclinux-s390
> uclinux-s390x
> uclinux-sh3
> uclinux-sh3eb
> uclinux-sh4
> uclinux-sh4eb
> uclinux-sparc
> ...that might be the list I am looking for.

No, thats not it. That is probably linux + uClibc, which is not what
you are after. You could use linux-any in the Architecture field, but
I'm not sure if that really works in practice (last time I heard about
this the buildds did not work correctly).

Anyway, since this is a new package, you might just want to put
architecture:any and let it fail on unsupported archs.


Felipe Sateler

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