Hello Jonas and the team,
Here are some updates about the packaging of Scenic.

2010/6/3 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:
> Some additional packaging comments:
> The project includes python code.  We must then follow to Debian Python
> Policy!
> Since the Python code apparently is all handled with GNU autotools I
> recommend to include python-autotools.mk (instead of autotools.mk), add the
> needed hints to debian/control, and create debian/control.in to help track
> CDBS-related build-dependencies.

I tried to include python-autotools.mk on sid and the make check failed.
To fix this would need upstream development. (I would need to change the
python path in the executables and the tests cases)

Scenic currently works with Python either 2.5 or 2.6. You just need to
compile the package with the same python version that is installed, and
it will run. Autotools takes care of that. We provide no public module,
and our project contains more C++ code than Python code. This is
somewhat different from the morituri package.

Rigth now, I am not mandated by the Scenic team to change the build
system, unless it's for very minor changes. Our current build system
seems satisfying sor far. (we're running out of time on this project)

I think right now we are OK with the 3.1.1 Programs Shipping Private
Modules of the Debian Python policy.

By the way:
We should be ready to release the Scenic 0.6 version later this week.
This release will contain big fixes, some found thanks to Debian sid!

Alexandre Quessy

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