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build HTML documentation only if not already avaiable in the build tree

This approach does not work well in case upstream (perhaps accidentally) shipped with documentation prebuilt, and that documentation was not up-to-date (or maybe varies depending on features enabled or not?).

I take that risk. I was directly involved with the rc3 release and intend to push the upcoming rc4 release as well.

Better to always build but ensure it is built only once (typically done by the build rule depending on a touch file, and the touch file being a rule doing the actual build + touching).

As in always throw away upstream provided documentation by always removing on clean? Hm, yes, that would probably work but also increate build time considerably, at least on my laptop.

Debian fundamentally compile from source - instead of trusting upstream to ship precomiled material suitable for us.

This applies to both code and documentation.

And yes, compiling requires computing ressources :-)

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