> done.
> This conflicts happened because upstream now *removed* its debian/
> directory. git notices this and tries to apply this change to
> 'master'. This is of course wrong and needs to be undone:
> $ git merge upstream
> $ git reset master debian/
> this resets all files under the directory debian to the state that was
> previously in master.
> moreover, I've switched to package to source format 3.0 (quilt), so
> that
> we can properly handle orig.tar.bz2 tarballs. Bug #566993 is a bit
> annoying here, but can be avoided by mentioning that explicitly in
> debian/gbp.conf.

Thanks, Reinhard.

I've converted the package to dh 7, bumped the library soname and made
it lintian clean, so I consider it ready for upload to experimental.


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