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Am 07.06.2010 11:50, schrieb Sebastian Dröge:
Or at least a -fPIC static library? :)

given that upstream already has a rtmpsrc gstreamer-plugin in the "bad" set waiting (thanks slomo), I'd like to take action on this issue. My question is, how to do it best?

1) Build the library only once but with -fPIC. Does this have an effect on other non-library binaries linking against it? (If not, why don't we build all static libraries in Debian with -fPIC?)

2) We build the library twice in debian/rules, once with and once without -fPIC. a) We rename the -fPIC variant to librtmp_pic.a and install it into librtmp-dev in addition the non-PIC library. (This would probably also require some patching against the pkg-config file.) b) Both variants will be called librtmp.a but installed into different packages librtmp-dev and libtrmp_pic-dev which conflict against each other. (This would require a separate pkg-config file for each variant.)

3) We build the library twice, but patch upstream's Makefile to do so.

Any more ideas?

 - Fabian

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