On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 18:00, Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 04:59:35PM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 16:51, Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk> wrote:
>>> You write to me personally, even though the packaging has now moved to
>>> the Multimedia team.  Was that intentional?
>> No, it was not. Just force of habit, i think.
> :-)
>>> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 04:35:27PM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>>>> On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 15:44, Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk> wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 01:37:28PM -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>>>>>> May I ask you update that please? I updated the manual to version 5.12
>>>>>> a couple of weeks ago, the changes are in the git repository. Maybe then 
>>>>>> we
>>>>>> can release the updated manual?
>>>>> Updated now.
>>>>> But please check the changes to copyright_hints, like this:
>>>>>  QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt push -a
>>>>>  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 debian/rules pre-build
>>>>>  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean
>>>>>  QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt pop -a
>>>>>  mv debian/copyright_newhints debian/copyright_hints
>>>>>  git diff --color-words
>>>>> ...or however you want to do the last part.
>>>>> It seems at least Michael Gogins has newly appeared.
>>>> Michael Gogins has since a long time authored manual entries. He just
>>>> appeared in the copyright hints, it seems.
>>> How do you mean "he just appeared"?  That he is really not a copyright
>>> holder and it is wrong that his name appeared there?
>> He just appeared in some file, thus detected by the copyright script.
> He appeared as a copyright holder, I believe, so something that we should
> document IMHO:
>> Copyright 2004-2005 by Michael Gogins for modifications made to the
>> Alternative Csound Reference Manual
> ...except off course if that mentioned "Alternative Csound Reference Manual"
> is not at all included in any of our source or binary packages.

His name appears in a non exhaustive list, and it happens to appear
because someone actually typed his real name instead of using the
corresponding XML entity, which is normally used.

>> However, note that currently we have everything as copyright Andres
>> Cabrera and others. Upstream is not really thorough in tracking copyrights,
>> so trying to work out which file was authored by which set of people is not
>> something I think is a reasonable use of anyone's time.
> I don't find it acceptable for us to just use the joker term "and others" as
> upstram author.  If we cannot locate upstream authors, then we cannot locate
> the ones granting us the free license, which means we really did not receive
> that license and cannot redistribute.

The fact that I can't remember who did what does not mean that I have
not enforced contributions to be GFDL. So your reasoning is wrong.

Please see http://www.csounds.com/manual/html/PrefaceHistory.html for
a short summary of the csound manual.

>>> And did you check thoroughly? I just mentioned his name as an example - I
>>> believe there were more differences than that.
>> There are many new files, and I do not track each one to see if a new
>> copyright holder appears. However, I do follow upstream's list, and the
>> license has not changed for the manual, which means contributions to the
>> manual are licensed as GFDL.
> Upstream are in a different position than us.  Them choosing to be more
> relaxed in how they express copyright and licensing does not permit us to do
> the same.

In the current form, we are not in violation of the license. What do
you mean we need to be more strict?


Felipe Sateler

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