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The page lists the complicated history of the manual. The important part is that the licensing was some non commercial license, and MIT held the rights to change that (Barry Vercoe et al were working at MIT while developing csound and the manual). Finally the licensing was changed to GFDL, and the manual moved to a sourceforge CVS repository, where the current development is still done. There is no way we can track who did what change to which file, but the best we can do is expand the "Andres Cabrera and others" to a list of 35 names and still have the "and others".

I think at least we should document the situation in debian/copyright, then.  Not needed to include all history, only status quo is relevant (if possible without laying it all out)

How to do that in the dep5 format?

[Whoops, I forgot to comment on the above...]

DEP-5 mandates some sections and the naming of those mandated sections. Trick is, it permits other fields too, and does not even (in most recent drafts) limit those to e.g. X-* names. The idea is, I believe (and I think it is even mentioned in the specification - too lazy to check right now) is perhaps some unofficial add-on sections becomes common practice and can then easily (i.e. without need of updating existing files using it) be adopted in a later release of the specs.

See e.g. the moin package for how I currently do unofficial tags similar to what might be done here.

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