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Thanks! It seems to work now. It's nice that it takes care of deleting the .pyo files. The .pyc files are byte-compiled for Python 2.5, but it seems to work with 2.6 as well.


Not sure I read you correctly above: Do the snippet only cleanup half of the Python compiled files?  If you seem to reveal weaknesses in the CDBS snippets then do tell - so I can improve them for the benefit of all (except those poor souls not seeing the light of CDBS ;-) ).

Well, maybe it doesn't clean them quite... Here is an excerpt from the list of files that are created (by python-support) when installing:

It seems like the list of Python-generated files looks different for
the midistream v/s the scenic package.

In midistream.deb:
          |____ __init__.py
          |____ __init__.pyc
          |____ __init__.pyo

In scenic.deb:
├── application.py
├── application.pyc

(there are no .po there)

There is no "2.5" or "2.6" directory, anywhere. The app seems to work
OK, though.

Hmmm. I see now that your Makefile.in for the python code uses $(libdir) and not $(pythondir). This causes the code to not use standard Python paths, so that a) it is not possible to support multiple concurrent Python versions, and b) you need to explicitly tell pysupport where the custom files are stored so that it can properly ensure Python Policy is followed.

Right now the files are simply installed - not handled properly :-(

I am heading for bed now, and am busy all day tomorrow. I will try find some time tomorrow night to elaborate more on this.

A few other remarks:

debian/control and debian/changelog are set executable.  They shouldn't.

Please drop the debian/.gitignore file.

Please drop the last lines of debian/gbp.conf - don't enforce a custom export-dir.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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