On 2010-06-11 19:31, Andres Mejia wrote:
> severity 585555 wishlist
> tags 585555 wontfix
> thanks
> Considering the integration of pulseaudio by many distributions and projects, 
> and considering the fact that Debian's gnome package ultimitely depends on 
> pulseaudio through it's dependencies, it's reasonable to assume that 
> pulseaudio will be installed on a user's machine, for the majority case.
> Also, I think having the sound device taken over by one program, leaving 
> other 
> programs with no sound, is a bigger issue than waiting a few seconds for 
> mplayer to start playback.
> On Friday 11 June 2010 12:13:36 Pascal Gervais wrote:
>> Package: mplayer
>> Version: 2:1.0~rc3+svn20100502-3
>> Severity: normal
>> Hi
>> Since the update from version 2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426 to version
>> 2:1.0~rc3+svn20100502 in May 2010, mplayer takes six to seven seconds
>> before starting to play any video and audio, trying to find pulseaudio
>> on a system where pulseaudio is not installed.
>> So, can you please let ao=pulse,alsa,sdl:aalib commented in
>> /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf and add in README.Debian that pulseaudio
>> users should use ao=pulse in ~/.mplayer/config or specify the '-ao
>> pulse' option on their command line.
>> Thanks

Wouldn't it be a better solution to try to troubleshoot why it takes so
long for the pa driver to detect that PA is not installed?

// David

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