Hello Jonas!

2010/6/11 Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk>:
> Hmm.  There is something weird with the pristine-tar data.
> Did you use git-import-orig or something custom?

I first used git-import-orig, but it failed, since I had not set up my
gitconfig with my correct user.name and user.email. It failed with a
lot of errors. Afterwhile, I tried to fix everything up manually... I
signed and did some commits, then I merged upstream into master.

> Are you sure you did not rename a bzip2 tarball or something?

The upstream tarball is a .tar.gz, not a bz2. I see there are two
tarballs in the pristine-tar branch. I guess I should remove the old

> Oh - maybe it is simply that you need to do a "push --tags".

Hmm, yes. I did that.

This caused me some headaches. It seems to be that git-buildpackage
should have kept going, or stopped with warnings. Maybe it did: I am
still new to git.

Best regards,
Alexandre Quessy

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