On 06/13/2010 06:46 AM, Adrian Knoth wrote:
Thank you so much. Best bug report I've ever seen. Really. ;)

Thank you very much!

In my free time, I am learning how to contribute to Debian more seriously. I hope to someday become a DM, or even a DD, but before that need to increase my skill level with packaging, coding, and debugging. At this point, the plan is to become the Batman of the Debian BTS for a year or two -- swooping down on bugs and fixing them before the DM's and DD's have to -- before I apply for new maintainer status.

My latest results are (for me) humbling, making clear that I am nowhere near Batman status. I have compiled some more results, but it has just occurred to me that we'll get horrible line-wrapping if I try to provide them with this Icedove email client....

Find attached a quick fix. Untested, but it basically does what you've
suggested: don't run the loop when cnt is negative.

Does it fix the problem?

Maybe.  That specific problem has gone away.

Now when I run 'audacity' I hear a click, like it is trying to start up, but it is segfaulting in another place and the window still never even appears. Let me bail out of Icedove, and respond more fully via reportbug/emacs.


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