Le 14 juin 10 à 10:10, Fabian Greffrath a écrit :

Am 27.04.2010 19:25, schrieb Thibaut VARÈNE:
It does, provided of course that the target package's configure script
is properly re-generated against the fixed libFLAC.m4

Ugh, don't want!

This means that any package that was autoconf'd against the broken m4
file will fail to build when its configure script is executed without
any option. You might want to add a note about that somewhere...

How come that no package in Debian that builds against libflac-dev FTBFS so far?

for the same reason my package didn't FTBFS *in Debian*: rules define --prefix, which masks the bug. The bug is hit when there's no defined prefix and the configure script has to guess it. I thought this was clear enough from my initial bug report: "when configure is called without arguments"...



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