I wonder if we're ready to start (or at least prepare) the jackd
transition today. We've discussed a lot, so am I right to summarize
the current plan as follows?:

  1.) put jackd1 back in j-a-c-k, IOW, introduce an epoch version number
  2.) provide a new jackd2 source package

This obviously is a high level view, not talking about all the details
like dropping symbols file, Provides, Conflicts and the lot.

I think we've already agreed on making libjack0 a non-virtual package
provided by jackd1 (IOW: j-a-c-k).

If nobody objects, I'll rearrange the git repo today, putting current
stuff in separate jackd2 branches and revive jackd1. We could then start
with all the shlibs and debian/control tweaks.


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