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> (I really wish that I could bisect using 'git'.  Does the 'audacity'  
> upstream use 'git', or do the Debian maintainers have their own 'git'  
> repo where they merge new versions from upstream?  I am merely a  


See the VCS link on the left, there it is.

The easy way:

   $ debcheckout audacity

This clones you the corresponding git repository.

debcheckout is in the devscripts package.

> beginner with tools such as 'git' and 'gdb', but I did spend a month  

Given that you have a memory issue here, I'd like to recommend valgrind.
That's a nice tool to spot out of bound access and the lot.

> Miracle of miracles!  Version 1.3.5 runs fine on my system -- no changes  

No miracle at all, they changed the code in px_linux_alsa.c. git bisect
will tell you about it.

You might also want to have a look at the upstream svn and read the
commit messages:


Good luck. ;)

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