on suggestion by jcristau, I've implemented these changes now:

20:28 <siretart> jcristau: okay, so I'll do two changes: introduce a pure 
virtual package (jack-daemon), make no
                 package provide 'jackd', make the 'jackd' package provide 
'jack-daemon', and switch the order of
                 the shlibsdeps
20:29 <siretart> s/two/the following/
20:29 <siretart> jcristau: would that address all your concerns?
21:11 <jcristau> siretart: do jackd1 and jackd2 have files in common?
21:16 <siretart> jcristau: yes, nearly all files. the most important one is of 
course /usr/bin/jackd
21:17 <jcristau> siretart: ok, then put Provides/Replaces/Conflicts: 
jack-daemon in jackd1 and jackd2.  and not in
                 jackd.  they probably also need to Replace/Conflicts jackd << 
21:18 <jcristau> adsb: ^^ can you double check that that's sane?
21:20 <siretart> sounds good to me
21:21 <jcristau> and add conflicts/breaks on old libjack0 in libjack-jackd2-0 
to make sure that upgrade goes fine
21:21 <adsb> So renaming the virtual package to jack-daemon, leaving jackd as 
the real package currently depending
             on jackd2?
21:22 <adsb> and yeah, jackd[12] will need to at least Replace older jackd, as 
they take over files from them
21:22 <adsb> s/them/it/
21:22 <jcristau> jackd would depend on jackd2 | jackd1, iirc?
21:22 <siretart> yes
21:23 <siretart> adi: ^^ - works for you as well?
21:23 <jcristau> i think that will work
21:23 <siretart> I'm confident as well
21:23 <adsb> Nothing immediately obvious is jumping out as broken
21:24 <adsb> An upgrade test on a system running current jackd might be a good 
plan though

this requires changes to all 3 packages: j-a-c-k, jackd2 an
jackd-defaults. I've pushed them now, please review, I intend to upload
in a few hours.

moreover, please don't be confused on the next git pull from the j-a-c-k
git repository. I've renamed the branch master.jackd1 in the j-a-c-k
repository to 'master'. the old 'master' branch has been renamed
'master.old'. Adi, if that branch is really obsolete, please delete it.

the bachground is that the fact that we don't work on master has caused
a great deal of confusion in #debian-release.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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