On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 21:39:41 (CEST), Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> Short status update:
> all three relevant (source) packages have been uploaded now:
>  - jack-audio-connection-kit
>  - jackd2
>  - jackd-defaults
> The transition can be started by processing them from new. I'd suggest
> to process these three packages in a batch.

After the upload, some additional problems have been found while
discussing the packages on irc. I've incorporated Julien's and Adam's
comments, and reuploaded then. AFAIUI, they are good to go now; I've
done upgrade tests with apt and aptitude, and things seem to go as
expected, more or less [1]

[1] aptitude gets it right, apt seems to prefer to remove jackd, which
AFAIUI can be solved by binNMU'ing qjackctl to make it pickup the new

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