Am 22.06.2010 14:23, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
Okay. I'm currently waiting for libva and libvpx to get promoted to
ubuntu/main so that 0.6 can finally build in maverick. My plan was to
start then on a new ffmpeg 0.6-2 upload when necessary (and would have
merged and minimized the differences from ubuntu at that time), but I
can also try to find some time to do so earlier, if you wish.

I'd like to ask you to merge back the non-ubuntu specific changes into the current master.snapshot branch, i.e. all the changes listed in the 4:0.6-1ubuntu1 interdiff minus the changes to changelog, gbp.conf and the removal of the disabled_encoders lines (OTOH, are we sure we want to convert the whole library license to GPLv3 in Debian for the sake of the opencore-amr codecs?).

Then we should introduce cond_enable calls for libdirac and libopenjpeg, so they get enabled in Debian and disabled in Ubuntu. By then, the only difference between both branches would be in the Maintainer field and the Build-Depends in debian/control (and one commented line #89 in debian/confflags).

We should also improve debian/confflags by reordering and grouping confflags together that are only enabled for specific builds, e.g. Debimedia or ubuntu/multiverse. These should all use cond_enable and get activated by means of installed headers by the Build-Depends in debian/control.

 - Fabian

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