On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 07:38:07PM EST, Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> We have started our project "linux-minidisc" in 2008 and have made
> very good progress and already support various MiniDisc (both NetMD
> and HiMD) Walkman and decks with completely free software
> components. Our project wiki can be found at [2]. It lists all the
> motivations and backgrounds of the software as well provides the
> source code in a git repository.
> Since we think that the software is very useful already for a large
> amount of users, I have recently seeking for a mentor to sponsor the
> appropriate Debian package "qhimdtransfer" [3], however without any
> luck in finding a sponsor. Someone on the mentors list recommended me
> to ask the Debian Multimedia team to join which I am officially doing
> with this mail now.

This list is no longer used for multimedia package discussion. I have CCed the 
pkg-multimedia-maintainers list when replying to this email.

I personally find what you have done here very very interesting, and intend to 
check this out for myself. I am not a Debian Developer, but I know the 
pkg-multimedia team would very likely be more than happy to help you get your 
work into Debian. Hopefully someone from that team will respond.

I suggest you also consider subscribing to the pkg-multimedia-maintainers 
mailing list on lists.alioth.debian.org, and following/continuing duscussion 

Thanks for your great work on something that I have long wanted. This may give 
me a good reason to keep my Hi-MD around after all.


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