On 28-06-10 12:10, Adrian Knoth wrote:
On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:51:57AM +0200, Robrecht Noens wrote:


There now is jack support for "flashplugin-nonfree".
It's available at
Let me add that this plugin is only required if you want to output Flash
to JACK without Pulseaudio.

If you're using Pulseaudio, Flash would simply play to pulse which can
then be redirected via pulseaudio-module-jack.
Yes, but why have two sound-systems if you can do everything with one?
Most audio programs do have a jack interface. Flash was the only thing I
needed pulseaudio for. Why have the overhead of two sound systems?
Given that there is no amd64 Flash at the moment, and given that Pulse is
the cross-distro desktop default, I don't see that much use in
introducing an i386-only package that caters to the few who DO want
Flash but DON'T want Pulse. YMMV.

I guess "Robrecht Noens (niet mijn echte naam)<noe...@gmail.com>"
translates to "not my real name", and I feel pretty uncomfortable about
I only put it there to fuck with certain peoples minds. Maybe it works to well.
Anyway, it is my real name. Of course you can never tell over the internet.
pgp.mit.edu doesn't know anything about your E-Mail address, hence your
signature can't be checked. I don't think I like the idea of having a
package of limited use maintained by somebody with an unverified
identity in Debian. Once again, YMMV.
I guess you're right. I added my public key to the site.

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