I just forwarded your patch to audacity-devel with a link to our BTS.

Thanks for all your work, it was a pleasure to hunt this bug. ;)

Hmmm, when I looked at the upstream website and noticed they had a Bugzilla, I assumed that would be the most appropriate way to share my info. I didn't even bother to notice their mailing lists! (Very embarassing.... I could easily have subscribed -- temporarily -- and let them know about all of this myself.)

At any rate, thanks for forwarding the info.

Let's hope it gets included in the next release (should I add it to the
Debian package until then?).

On the question of having a temporary Debian patch... this is judgment call, so let's consider some facts:

1) So far, I'm the only one reporting a segfault on startup having to do with the 1.3.7 -> 1.3.8 open_mixer() changes

2)  I have the patch I need to make 1.3.8+ work on my hardware

In your place, my approach would be to wait to see how upstream responds instead of immediately producing a patched Debian package. If upstream seems to be taking a long time without incorporating the change, and if even _one_ more bug report about the same issue hits the Debian BTS (which I doubt will happen), then I would release a patched package.

Naturally, I don't know (yet) about the Debian policies, practices, and standard operating procedures that govern decisions like this... if there are any. If you are asking whether I would like to see official DEBs... just for me... then I say, "No need!":

  $ apt-cache policy audacity
    Installed: 1.3.12-3+fix04
    Candidate: 1.3.12-3+fix04
    Version table:
   *** 1.3.12-3+fix04 0
          100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
       1.3.12-3 0
          990 http://debian.osuosl.org unstable/main Packages

Thanks (to the whole team) for all of your work,
and especially to Adrian for all of the helpful interaction,
Dave W.

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