Would anybody else in DMPM be interested in having CMus in the git repository?
I use it daily and adopted the package a couple of hours ago.

CMus is:
    Description: lightweight ncurses audio player
     C* Music Player is a modular and very configurable ncurses-based audio 
     It has some interesting features like configurable colorscheme, mp3 and ogg
     streaming, it can be controlled with an UNIX socket, filters, album/artists
     sorting and a vi-like configuration interface.
     It currently supports different input formats:
      - Ogg Vorbis
      - MP3 (with libmad)
      - FLAC
      - Wav
      - Modules (with libmodplug)
      - Musepack
      - AAC
      - Windows Media Audio
    Homepage: http://cmus.sourceforge.net/

I have a package ready with the new upstream release and several bug fixes.


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