reopen 482509
found 482509 0.8.2-3
retitle 482509 Please build against libtwolame, instead of libmp3lame
severity 482509 wishlist
tags 482509 + patch


the following change has been introduced for the 0.8.1-1 upload:
   * Change order of the toolame/mp3lame build dependency
     (Closes: #482509, #534076)

However, as already stated in the bug report, both toolame and twolame are command line encoders that do not add any functionality to idjc, especially not in their current role as build-depends. So this change is rather pointless.

Please change the build-depends from "twolame | libmp3lame-dev" to "libtwolame-dev" and apply the patch provided by peter green so that we can at least have MP2 encoding in Debian. Users who aim to rebuild idjc against libmp3lame in order to get MP3 support should be warned to disable this patch before, though.

 - Fabian

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