Dear teams,

I am afraid I am currently the only active FLAC maintainer for quite some time. This is not a general problem, as I use the FLAC codec on a regular basis to archive my CDs, but I'd like to share the duty with some other team mates. I also wouldn't object if the pkg-xiph team (CCed) believes it is more appropriate if they take over the package. Anyway, volunteers are welcome. ;)

My second concern is that I have prepared an updated package in the master branch of our git repository. It merely fixes the two most recent bugs that have been reported to the BTS (I have forwarded one upstream, but they seem unresponsive to say the least). Furthermore I have created a new branch called update-packaging-standards, in which I have spent a bit more love on the package by converting it to quilt and dh7. I think it is fine as it is, but could use some review and testing (maybe it should go to experimental and the package from the master branch should go to unstable).

What I want to say is: I'd appreciate some feedback and uploading of either branch by one of our fellow DDs.

Thank you very much!

 - Fabian

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