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Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Subject: Notice to packagers: LiVES 1.3.4 released (update)
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Hi. It seems that yesterday's release had a minor error which prevented
compilation in scribbler.c. This has now been fixed. The bug can be fixed
by including weed-palettes.h from scribbler.c, or you can download the
tarball again. Apologies for any inconvenience. Updated shasums are shown
below and on the website.


This message is intended for packagers of LiVES
(http://lives.sourceforge.net). Please forward as appropriate. Please let
me know if any addresses should be added or removed from this list.

Please NOTE: since LiVES 1.1.3, it is now *highly recommended* that LiVES
be built with libpulse support.

NOTE 2: IMPORTANT ! if you are building LiVES using ubuntu dpkg,
a change is needed to the "rules" file, see here:
failure to do so will result in badly broken builds.
(debian dpkg does not have this problem)

Hi all,
I have released LiVES 1.3.4. This version provides near instant file
opening/seeking in ogg/dirac files, fixes an installation/troubleshooting
bug which mis-diagnosed png/alpha support in mplayer and adds a new
effect/generator "scribbler".

Here is the full ChangeLog for this version:

Minor a/v sync fixes.
Add more formats to x264 encoder (needs testing).
Add experimental webm encoding support in ffmpeg_encoder.
Fix crash when right clicking in multitrack with no clips loaded.
Const correctness in code (Penkov)
Fix possible crash in rendered generators, and add them to crash recovery.
Thread context fix for gtk+ 2.22 and higher.
Fix startup mplayer png/alpha test.
Fix end image size problem (regression).
Updates to decoder plugins (make threadsafe).
Add plugin decoder support for ogg/dirac files.
Faster seeking in ogg/theora files.
Apply theming to the Preferences dialog (Kolga)
Move weed palette definitions into weed-palettes.c
Code cleanup - use enums instead of #defines where possible.
Add new scribbler plugin (Penkov)
Initial translation to Croatian.
Updated translations to Hebrew, Polish, Turkish, Russian and Italian.

Thanks to Aleksij Kolga and Aleksij Penkov and others for their

(source/bzip2, 2.9 MB)

(source/gzip , 3.9 MB)


Hash: SHA1

Note: this is the second set of 1.3.4 releases which fixed a compilation
error in the first set.

476ebc4a9a452a4fa46604464c133202148045aa  LiVES-1.3.4.tar.bz2
639d2329ae16733a2a556129d7df96bfc4573ba7  LiVES-1.3.4.tar.gz

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


using gpg key with fingerprint found on

Enjoy !


Packaging notes (please read CAREFULLY !):

1) Mandatory dependencies include *at least*:
GTK+ (>=2.14) + development libs
gdk-pixbuf-loaders + development libs
gettext + development libs

mplayer with jpeg/png output support
mencoder with jpeg/png input support (preferably with x264 and dirac
support) imageMagick
sox (*with* libsox-fmt-all !)

2) *Highly* Recommended build-dependencies include:
libpulse, libjack, libSDL, mjpegtools, libogg, libtheora, libdv,
libraw1394, libavc1394, liboil and libasound2.

(For compiling you should have development versions of these libraries
installed. Check the output of ./configure carefully for missing optional

3) *Highly* Recommended runtime dependencies include:
xwininfo, pulseaudio/libpulse, jackd, libSDL, mjpegtools, libogg,
libtheora, theora-bin, libvorbis, libasound2, libdv, mkvtoolnix,
libmatroska, ogmtools, dvgrab, libraw1394, libavc1394,
libdv2-apps/libdv-bin, cdda2wav, lame, python, x264, liboil.

libpulse is mandatory if compiled with libpulse-dev
libjack is mandatory if compiled with libjack-dev
ditto for libasound2, libdv, libmjpegtools, libraw1394, libavc1394 and

4) libtheora packages should install the binary "encoder_example" (or
"theora_encoder_example"). Please communicate this to your libtheora
packager !!!!! (Note some distros now have a theora-bin package. Thankyou

5) you may wish to install/build a package for frei0r before compiling
LiVES. LiVES can use all of these plugins. Frei0r can be downloaded from:

For more information on frei0r, see: http://www.piksel.org/frei0r

Note: frei0r packages are currently *not* endian-safe, thus they should
not be dependencies on little endian architectures (e.g. ppc)

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