jida...@jidanni.org writes:

>>>>>> "FG" == Fabian Greffrath <fab...@greffrath.com> writes:
> FG> Am 06.07.2010 01:01, schrieb jida...@jidanni.org:
>>> All I know is when the user does
>>> $ apt-cache -a show ffmpeg
>>> he notes that yours and Marillat's version are worded differently, but
>>> he can't tell from the surface what the real differences are.
> FG> We don't consider it our job to differentiate from inofficial
> FG> third-party packages. It's rather the other way round.
> OK, I'll CC maril...@debian.org .

I thing saying that ffmpeg is unable to encode in mpeg2, divx, xvid,
mp3, aac, h264, etc... in the official package shouldn't be too hard and
thus people shouldn't be disappointed to encode something useful with
this version.


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