* Adrian Knoth <a...@drcomp.erfurt.thur.de> [2010-06-10 09:54:32 CEST]:
> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 01:27:26AM +0200, Arnfinn Ringvold wrote:
> > Package: audacity
> > Version: 1.3.5-2+lenny1
> Audacity appears to be differently broken in every new version. We have
> 1.3.12-3 now, so I don't see any use in even looking at this bug.

 The bugreport was filed against the version of the package in stable -
which is supposed to be a supported version. The use of looking at this
bug is that lenny is a supported release of Debian and should be taken
serious by the package maintainers.

> Though I'm not the maintainer and therefore cannot speak how the
> "official" approach to your report will be, the best advice I could give
> at the moment is to try a newer version, preferably the one from sid.

 The official approach to the report would be to try to reproduce the
issue, ask for more information from the reporter and ask them to
install the dbg packages.

 Written that, Arnfinn, can you give a bit more information what exactly
you did to make it "hang suddenly", your information are pretty terse.
Did you work on a specific file, can you possibly offer that, give a
quick howto on how one can reproduce the issue?

 Thanks in advance,
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