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In csound, we build depend on default-jdk-builddep, which is wrong (as per /usr/share/doc/java-common/README.gcj-native-transition). The correct build dependency is default-jdk (since we are not using gcj to compile java to native code). However, I noticed we resolve the java-enabled archs by parsing rmadison output. However, we match against default-jre-headless. I'm not quite sure this is right... If I understand java correctly, a jre is needed to have a jdk, which means that jre archs might potentially be a superset of jdk archs (perhaps by some timing accident). So I'm thinking we should be resolving against default-jdk, which is what we do actually build-depend on.

If I recall correctly (I am busy in Real Life atm and not checking the actual packaging code) we use that same rmadison lookup at two places, only one of them being against the same package as the one looked up but (I believe) both from same source and assumed to be released for same set of arches (ideally that assumption should be mentioned as a comment in debian/rules).

It might be, however, that we do not need that lookup any longer: If it is possible to build against GCJ (even if not preferred) then I was told recently that it is available for all arches now so we should be able to ship our code for all arches too.

As mentioned in the beginning I am quite busy at the moment, so please just ignore my comments here if it complicates more than it simplifies.

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