>> [snip]
> this totally changes the semantics of what I'd expect from a
> get-orig-source target. The purpose of the get-orig-source.sh script was
> to fetch the source from the internet, while strip.sh is meant to be run
> in the temporary directory and is called by get-orig-source.sh.
> Please either follow that philosophy or rename the script to something
> that matches its intend better in order to avoid future confusion.
I cannot fetch the source from web, cause wget can't handle the weird
mirror system of Sourceforge.
I could just fetch the stuff from SVN. I'll rename the script then.

>> -.PHONY: override_dh_strip
>> +.PHONY: override_dh_strip get-orig-source
> is this intentional? I don't see a get-orig-source target here?
It's not. The next commit fixes this too.


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