> I'm running testing on AMD64 and I've just apt-get dist-upgraded this
> morning. I was happy to see vlc getting updated but MP4 playback is
> broken for me and has been for the last month or two. When I
> originally installed squeeze a few months ago, vlc MP4 playback was
> working fine but then an update from a while ago caused the playback
> of MP4 files to be rotated 90 degrees to the left and squashed up into
> about one third of the horizontal window space available. Note that I
> can still play MP4s fine under (s)mplayer and that I'm using the FOSS
> radeon (not radeonhd) xorg driver.

Please report bugs the correct way i.e. with reportbug.

My bet is that you have some unofficial libavcodec or libavutil package
Also using xv has video output module should avoid the problem ( and it
would work better anyway)


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