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> Hi!


> creox is working fine, I've just tried it.

I have been unable to get creox, fmit (see bug #523925), or rakarrack
(see bug #578309) to work correctly with my setup.

> You're clearly using it in a wrong way.

Quite possible, but I would like to find out why!   ;-)

> It helps to fire up qjackctl and
> manually rewire the signal flow.

I've done so many times: even in the simplest case (fmit has only one
input port and no output ports), connecting the two system capture
ports to fmit input port does not help: fmit seems to be unable to
capture sounds.

> Also make sure to disable hardware monitoring on your soundcard,
> otherwise you'd always hear the clean sound (it's looped back to the
> speakers in the hardware mixer)

I now run jackd without the --hwmon option.
Is it enough to disable hardware monitoring or have I to do something
with ALSA configuration?

I am now unable to hear any sound from the speaker when I pluck guitar

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