On 29/07/10 22:04, Adrian Knoth wrote:
As a quick workaround, I can provide the following hint:

instead of simply opening/importing the file from the file list, make
sure the file type selector in the open/import dialog is set to "FLAC
files", not "All files" or "All supported files".

This way, audacity's FLAC importing tool is used and everything is fine.
(at least I can open you test1.flac with it).

If you don't set the file type, audacity uses the PCM import module
that relies on libsndfile to open FLAC files.

Looks like this or libsndfile is broken, I'll now investigate closer,
just wanted to share the workaround with you.

If you like, confirm if it's working for you.

Yup, this works, thanks :)

However, when doing this for play1.flac (the 180 MB file), the "Importing Files" progress bar doesn't work properly - the "remaining time" flickers between 0:00:00 and random hour-long times before suddenly completing.

I guess this is because it doesn't have the "total number of samples" information? (But totem can detect total length, somehow.)

Just out of interest, is this considered a broken flac file or not? If so, maybe I should file a bug with the GNOME sound recorder people too?


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