On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 10:57:42PM +0100, Ximin Luo wrote:

>> Looks like this or libsndfile is broken, I'll now investigate closer,
>> just wanted to share the workaround with you.
>> If you like, confirm if it's working for you.
> Yup, this works, thanks :)


> Just out of interest, is this considered a broken flac file or not? If 

No, it's valid:


See <36>: "A value of zero here means the number of total samples is

> so, maybe I should file a bug with the GNOME sound recorder people too?

It is a bug in libsndfile, I'm therefore reassigning this bug to
libsndfile and CC the maintainer who happens to also be the upstream
author. ;)

Erik, for further information and test files, see this bug report.
Everything else is mentioned in the patch. ;)


mail: a...@thur.de      http://adi.thur.de      PGP/GPG: key via keyserver
From: Adrian Knoth <a...@drcomp.erfurt.thur.de>
Bug-Debian: http://bugs.debian.org/590752
Description: Correctly open/read FLAC streams of unknown length
 Some FLAC files provide a zero sample count, because they are live
 streams or dumps of such a live recorder. If so, don't simply return
 zero samples, but treat the stream almost like a pipe and wait for EOF.
--- a/src/flac.c
+++ b/src/flac.c
@@ -342,6 +342,10 @@ sf_flac_eof_callback (const FLAC__StreamDecoder *UNUSED (decoder), void *client_
 	if (psf_ftell (psf) == psf->filelength)
 		return SF_TRUE ;
+    if (psf->is_pipe) {
+        return SF_TRUE;
+    }
     return SF_FALSE ;
 } /* sf_flac_eof_callback */
@@ -405,6 +409,18 @@ sf_flac_meta_callback (const FLAC__StreamDecoder * UNUSED (decoder), const FLAC_
 			psf->sf.samplerate = metadata->data.stream_info.sample_rate ;
 			psf->sf.frames = metadata->data.stream_info.total_samples ;
+            /* if the file claims to have 0 frames, then it's a
+             * stream of unknown length. We then treat it almost like a pipe
+             * with unknown sample count and not being seekable.
+             * In contrast to a real pipe, we know the actual filesize,
+             * so we don't mess with it.
+             */
+            if (0 == psf->sf.frames) {
+                psf->sf.frames = SF_COUNT_MAX;
+                psf->sf.seekable = SF_FALSE;
+                psf->is_pipe = true;
+            }
 			psf_log_printf (psf, "FLAC Stream Metadata\n  Channels    : %d\n  Sample rate : %d\n  Frames      : %D\n", psf->sf.channels, psf->sf.samplerate, psf->sf.frames) ;
 			switch (metadata->data.stream_info.bits_per_sample)
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