Package: hydrogen
Severity: important

Until version 0.9.3-7, hydrogen used to build in non-linux arches (hurd-i386,
kfreebsd-{amd64,i386}), with upload 0.9.4-1, a build dependency on
libportmidi-dev was added and since this package is not present in the non-linux
arches, hydrogen can not build in those archs anymore.

I was looking at getting hydrogen built in kfreebsd without port midi support, 
but it looks like the scons build system does not support kfreebsd system

scons --directory="." CC="cc" CFLAGS="-g -O2 -g -Wall -O2" CXX="g++" 
CXXFLAGS="-g -O2 -g -Wall -O2"   libarchive=1 portaudio=1 portmidi=1 lash=1 
prefix=/usr optflags="-g -O2 -g -Wall -O2" 
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Exception: Platform 'gnukfreebsd8' not supported:
  File "/home/ana/hydrogen-", line 372:
    includes, a , b = get_platform_flags( opts )
  File "/home/ana/hydrogen-", line 97:
    raise Exception( "Platform '%s' not supported" % sys.platform )
make: *** [debian/stamp-scons-build] Error 2

If this were fixed, I think hydrogen can be built without midi port

So.. if you want the package migrate to testing, you will have to fix this
and get non-linux packages OR ask for removal from the current non-linux
packages and drop totally non-linux support (no very nice option!).


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