Am 01.08.2010 23:25, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
yes, there has been some movement behind the curtains, as you may have
noticed, mencoder is now in debian. For this reason, I've also uploaded
these three packages in the hope that they are processed soon.

I have indeed seen that mencoder has been accepted into the archive and this is certainly great news. On the other hand, compared with heavy-weights as lame and xvid, I consider mencoder quite "harmless" beacuse it uses Debian's system libavcodec which already has most of its "critical" codecs disarmed. However, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Details will probably be given In the talk "How We Can Be the Silver
Lining of the Cloud" by Eben Moglen on Wednesday.

Judging from the abstract [1], this talk does not have too much to do with multimedia codecs but deals with privacy in the "cloud". However, as Felipe (congrats to your DD account!) already requested, please keep your fellows on the other side of the curtain informed. ;)

All in all, very promising stuff is going on!

Cool, feels good to read this sentence about Debian from you (given how futile the mood was about one year ago when #522373 was filed.)

 - Fabian


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