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Hi Marcos,

I'm currently trying to cleaning up old bugreports.  This is a bugreport
you've filed in May 2008:

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 05:11:43 (EDT), A Mennucc wrote:

> Marcos Daniel Marado Torres ha scritto:
>> At least when watching TV via a TV capture card, mplayer 1.0~rc2-12 has
>> a huge delay (more or less 5 seconds) in the stream.
> do you mean
> 1) "delay between video and audio that mplayer is playing" ,
> or
> 2) "delay between what is broadcast (by watching with a TV) and
>    what mplayer is playing"
> ?
> if the answer is (1), can you correct it using the keys + and - ?
>> This does not
>> happen in less recent versions, like 1.0~rc2-8+lenny1 .
> does this change with the kernel as well
>> If you want me
>> to test some intermediate versions or something like that, just ask.
> may you provide some more info,
> - the model of TV card and/or the kernel driver,
>    and if it produces raw video or MPEG ?
> - the command line used for mplayer
> - /proc/cpuinfo
> thanks for any info

You didn't reply since then. I'm closing this bug right now, because it
seems to me that you are no longer experiencing this problem, either by
a new version of mplayer or because you no longer use mplayer.

Please reply to this mail with the information Andrea requested if this
bug is being closed in error.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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