On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 01:10:20AM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
We should be *grateful* to Marillat for doing that work!!! ANd I as
a Debian Developer am *really* happy that he is doing that!

I am really grateful to Marillat for the packaging work that he has done, as it has at many occations Worked For Me(tm).

Still what he provides is uncoordinated with official Debian work, and sometimes incompatible. In those cases it makes sense that Marillat fixes any incompatibilities, as he is piggybacking on Debian (not the opposite nor a collaborative coordinated effort).

PS A simple solution would have been adding conflicts against the packages as provided by marillat ... that would have helped everyone and kept a working system. And yes, you *can* add conflicts to packages that are not in Debian proper!

You are right that it does not violate Debian Policy to add package dependencies that are bogus in the context of Debian - i.e. only makes sense in a non-Debian configuration as mixture of Debian and non-Debian sources really is.

Nevertheless such extranous package dependencies is in my opinion noise, just as superfluous information in e.g. long description is noise even if not forbidden by Debian Policy.

Debian packaging is about making a Debian distribution, not about making a Debian + Marillat (or any other mixture) distribution.

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